Thank you for visiting my little area of “cyberspace”, which is my 2nd choice for a location to “live”. With all the “order now” buttons, “delete” buttons, email functions, paper storage, photo storage, digital imaging possibilities, bill paying options, reminder alerts, Ebay auctions, etc. etc., one can be sooooo organized in Cyberspace!!

If one has the desire, one can totally get “lost” in Cyberspace and put aside the stresses of the real world for as long as you want. A brilliant library of information, one can research and find an answer to any question and pictures of any “thing”, including the lighthouses I haven’t yet visited. If I had to choose between my passion for visiting all the beautiful coastal areas of our great USA, researching the history of and photographing lighthouses and my passion for scrapbooking and genealogy – well, I simply could not choose!! They actually intertwine and become one huge inspiring, passionate, fiery, expressive hobby.

My 1st preference for a location to live, almost obviously, would be in a lighthouse, somewhere, anywhere, WARM, on the ocean, with the warm sand sifting between my toes, daily, as I briskly or lazily walk the beach absorbing the automatic relief of stress, listening to the waves crashing and then lapping at the shoreline, smelling the salt air, feeling the warm, moist breezes engulfing my body, mesmerized by a beautiful sunrise or sunset and captivated by the beam of a lighthouse guiding mariners to safety. The life of a Lighthouse Keeper and his family in the 1800’s was a 24-hour daily, labor-intense, self-sacrificing job and a very lonely, sometimes desolate way of life. Not exactly the picturesque scenario I first described!! Anyway, whenever I can finally relocate to my lighthouse on the water, my “cyberspace” internet store can relocate with me.

No matter how impossible
it all may seem,
Never underestimate
the power of a dream.
Any questions, please email, Donelle

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