1. 12 Step Program

12 Steps For Scrapbooking Addicts

1. Admit that you are powerless over the lure of hilarious pages, tear-jerking memorabilia, cheezy family portraits, cute comments, and sappy snapshots.

2. Accept that using acid free/lignin free products does NOT make you a supreme being.

3. Make a decision to ONLY take one photograph of each member of your family only once a year.

4. Make a written inventory of your scrapbooking habits, obsessions with stickers/die cuts/cute papers, and scrapbooking website bookmarks.

5. Share your inventory with your mortgage holder or landlord .... they will be less likely to let you get behind if they know where you are spending all your money.

6. Accept that you must throw out all of your scraps, return the unused supplies, cancel your subscription to all scrapbooking magazines and delete your scrapbooking website bookmarks.

7. Humbly ask album manufacturers/stores/consultants to stop luring you in. If they refuse....obtain a lawyer.

8. Make a list of all persons you have ignored because of your addiction.

9. Make amends to those persons except when to do so would put you in a situation that you would feel the need to take a camera.

10. Continue to admit to others that you are indeed a scrapbooking addict.

11. Seek new ways to entertain yourself without the help of photographs and scissors.

12. Having kicked the scrapbooking habit, you now have hours of extra time on your hands each day and a LOT more money! Spend that time spreading the Twelve Steps For Scrapbooking Addicts and spend the money you've saved on a trip for yourself....like maybe to Australia! (You will be able to afford it now!)

I wish I could give credit to the creative person who wrote this, But I don’t remember where I got it…so it will have to be...“Anonymous Recovering Scrapbooker"

Any questions, please email Grandmommyandme@aol.com...thanks, Donelle

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