“Grandmommy & Me Custom Scrapbooks” is a light-hearted, clever, witty name for our business; and when it comes to creating your personal unique scrapbooks, we are light-hearted, clever and witty, but also knowledgeable and totally committed to producing a quality product for you and your family to cherish and enjoy.

Who should Scrapbook?? Everyone should own scrapbooks. Whether you prepare the “safe haven” for your memories or we are fortunate enough to be commissioned to do it for you, everyone should protect and preserve their family’s historical treasures.

What’s wrong with the shoeboxes, junk drawers or magnetic albums my pictures are currently sitting in? Briefly, acids from the processing or current photo storage you are using are deteriorating your photos, turning them yellow, fading and brittle, as we speak!! Lignin, the gluey substance that binds wood fibers, is doing the same thing. And generally the older albums are bursting with both lignin and acids!!!

You pay hundreds of dollars each year to “Mr. Kodak” and “Mr. Fuji” for your film and developing. What happens to your precious photos after you look at them? Are they packed away in a shoebox?? Hidden in boxes in the attic?? Do you leave them in the unsafe envelopes they come in?? Or are they stuck in those unsafe magnetic albums?? Are they stuffed in a “junk” drawer?? YOUR PHOTOS ARE NOT JUNK!!!

Photos, as well as memorabilia are precious, treasured memories – a significant and valuable part of our lives.

Old letters, photographs, scrapbooks, the Family Bible, journals and many other memoirs help us to trace and recall our past and validate the history of our ancestors, our existing families and communities. Whether these memories recall good times or unpleasant, they are, each and every one, an element of who we are and what we become in our lifetime. All of these things, however, are subject to deterioration and destruction if not cared for properly. At Grandmommy & Me Custom Scrapbooks, our goal is to support and encourage this ‘special preservation of life”.

A Custom Scrapbook arranged and created with archival-safe supplies embraces and protects the stories, legends, traditions, customs, ethnicity, the history, the love and even the heartaches that make up the nucleus of our families foundation and the deep-seeded roots of life and times past and present. Our task at Grandmommy & Me Custom Scrapbooks, as we see it, is to be your “guiding light”. We want the opportunity to guide you towards preserving your family’s memories for tomorrows reflections and enjoyment.

Preserving your parents, your own or your children’s memories and memoirs is an important job. One for which your family will be eternally grateful!!! Can you imagine years from now when your grown children are enjoying your custom-made-for-them Scrapbooks?? When they see their baby and childhood pictures, first class picture from school, a good (or bad) report card, a program of a school play or musical performance with their name in it, a graduation picture or even just a great picture depicting something special and personal ??? How wonderful they will feel that you loved them enough to have these items preserved and documented for them in archival safe albums. How much more emotionally touching than looking through a junk drawer or shoebox full of pictures with no identifying names, dates or other documention this will be!!

“Grandmommy & Me” will create for you more than just a photo album. Your Scrapbook will be a work of art!! With the caring and affection of a “grandmommy” and the passion and creativity of a young adult combined, the final product will be a storybook of life-long memories resulting in a treasured heirloom and precious family resource for you and your family to enjoy for years and generations to come.

At Grandmommy & Me Custom Scrapbooks, we realize that time constraints, lack of energy, feeling imagination-, inspiration- or creativity-challenged, or just the overwhelming feeling associated with the volume of photos waiting to be put into albums….often prohibits proper care and handling of photographs, memories and memoirs.

Getting these photos safely showcased in albums that you are proud to display and show to everyone can be done a page or two at a time, one or two events at a time or an entire album, whichever is best for you.

Initial in-home, online or phone consultation is free for the 90 minutes and consists of
photo and memorabilia organizing tips, preparation for album creation, including selection of album, design of pages, number of pictures per page preference and journaling specifications.

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