Grandmommy & Me Custom Scrapbooks will be your “guiding light” assisting you in the “task” of organizing your photos and placing them in attractive archival-safe albums.

Any album can be created-4-U a page at a time, an event, or an entire album, whichever is easier and/or affordable for you. We can do this in several ways.

Custom Albums – The preservation of your memories by removing your photos from shoeboxes, drawers and magnetic photo albums and placing them artistically in to custom created-4-U archival albums would be our pleasure.

A. Family/Life Album – The most popular of scrapbooks becomes a treasured heirloom. A few pages at a time added to your Family Album becomes an ongoing record of family events and day-to-day happenings. Each event, birthday, holiday, vacation, school play, sports activity, etc. can be added as new photos are taken.

B. Specific Event Album – Showcases a special event such as an adoption, pregnancy, new baby, childhood, school days, graduation, retirement, special birthdays, anniversaries, scouting, pets, college life, collections, vacations, cruises, new home, holidays, bridal shower, class reunion, family reunion, relationship, wedding, honeymoon, careers, military life, tribute or remembrance of a special person….and any other significant event that is worth remembering!!!

C. Heritage Album – Old photos are a “blast from the past”!!! And so fun!! This kind of scrapbooking will help you document, preserve and share your family history. You’ve got shoeboxes full of grandma’s or great-grandma’s pictures?? LUCKY YOU!! Seriously, consider yourself lucky. They are precious, precious, precious. But they will deteriorate, discolor and become brittle if left in magnetic albums, drawers or shoeboxes. We’ll help you preserve them in archival quality albums.

You can showcase all your black and white photos from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, too. A wonderful gift!!!

Gift Album (Pre-designed) – The Perfect “Special” Gift!!! An album for a retiring friend, co-worker, or family member. An adoption, A Baby Shower, a Birth, a Wedding Shower, or special Birthday or Anniversary. New Baby, ABC Childs Album for a birthday gift, Teachers Album, New Home, Recipes, Mom/Grandparents Brag Book…. the possibilities are endless~~ Surf through our Album Themes page for ideas.

Consider a Gift Album made without any photos, so the recipient can add their own photos and journaling later as they create their memories. Truly a gift from the heart, that shows the recipient how much they mean to you. Browse through our Album Themes page to choose a suitable type.

Promotional Album – We can provide you with a unique method of selling your services or talents that will help your business gain more customers and increase sales, in addition to providing enjoyment for current customers and employees. These albums are powerful and effective sales tools. They are more comprehensive than a brochure. Go to our Promotional Albums page for more details.

Read carefully through our album themes and imagine your pictures and treasured memories preserved in a creative custom-made album you can enjoy now and will delight generations to come!!


Any questions, please email Grandmommyandme@aol.com...thanks, Donelle

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