Any of these albums can be created for you a couple pages at a time, an event at a time, or a complete album ---

ABC/Child’s Album – A very unique gift!! You will need 26 of your favorite photos – Choose a statement for each photo, the first one beginning with A through Z. I have a list of quotes/suggestions if you need help. This one can be a challenge, but also a treasure!

Anniversary Album – A great gift of memories album showcasing photos of your first year or all through the years and could include photos taken at an anniversary celebration, also. Be good to yourself and preserve your own photos, as well.

Attribute Album – This gift album can emphasize the morals, values, strengths and characteristics of your loved one that is at the root of why you love him/her. I can help with a list of attributes and associated quotes and citations.

Baby/Birth Album – The Birth Album can include photos of mom carrying the child, sonograms, birth announcements and newborn photos. A Baby Album can include the above and is a book of “firsts”…i.e. first smile, first haircut, first crawl, stand and steps….you get the idea. The journaling will show your child just how much they have been loved, even before their birth. (Gift Albums would highlight each month of baby’s first year with spaces for the recipient to add her own photos and journaling)

Birthday Album – Is someone in your life celebrating a “special” birthday?? Did you?? A special Birthday Album that celebrates any “special” birthday from 1 – 100 years old. This album is an unforgettable gift to someone special or for your self.

Baby/Bridal Shower Album – Capture and preserve the FUN times!! The Shower Album would include the invitation, a napkin and photos from the shower of decorations, friends, gifts and could include written comments or advice from family and friends.

Childhood/School Days Album – The perfect place to put all their school photos, class pictures, best friends names and photos, photos of school activities, sports and plays, report cards, awards, artwork, etc. This album can start at Pre-Kindergarten and take additional pages through the Senior Year. It would be nice to have one for each child. At their Graduation Party, have it on display!!!

Graduation Album – Preserve, remember and showcase this event using Senior Year snapshots, awards, class photos, best friends photos, memorabilia, activities brochures, graduation day and graduation party photos. A keepsake for all times!!!

Grandparents Album – A very unique gift for a grandparent!!! They sometimes are so very hard to buy for!! This album will be received with love and usually tears…good tears!! It will touch the heart as it spotlights each family member or grandchild and how each one feels about the grandparent. Gather one photo and a short summary from each family member to be included in the album. A more cherished gift you could not find!!!

Holiday Album – This album can be dedicated to a single special holiday or many years of special family traditions and events for the holidays. New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Days, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukah – to name a few.

Mom/Grandparents Brag Book - Gather up your favorite photos of the children and we’ll turn it into the greatest Brag Book you’ve ever seen. A Great Gift~~~

New Home - This album could include pictures as they are building the home up to the finished product, packing and moving day photos and once you are settled-in photos to always be cherished.

Recipe Album – A most cherished album includes favorite family recipes in a beautifully created small album. It can include a picture of the cook(s) and a short legend or anecdote behind the recipe. Such a unique Gift!!!

Remembrance/Tribute Album – This album can highlight the life in remembrance of someone special. The subject and photos may be too painful for you to create the album yourself, but I can lovingly create the album for you. This album could also be a personal story of a special child, friend, parent, grandparent.

Relationship/Engagement Album – A celebration album filled with photos tracing your relationship with your spouse or a loved one from the first date up to and including the engagement and any parties prior to the wedding. I have a list of quotes you may use or which may “inspire” you to create captions for your photos. If used as a gift for your loved one, he/she will be touched by the memories of the snapshots, the tender word captions and the fact that you had this created just for him/her.

Sports Album – A Super album that could start with your young child and his first ball, pair of skates, swim pool, etc., and then add photos through the years, as sports skills become more developed. It might also include awards, newspaper clippings, photos of team members and coaches, championship and other memorabilia of a sports career, High School and College teams and leagues.

Vacation – The Vacation Album can showcase one special trip, cruise or vacation or many special vacations. You will look at these albums over and over enjoying your memories. What a great feeling to escape back in time, remembering the fun times at those wonderful destinations. Photos stir the imagination and generate feelings from within.

Wedding/Honeymoon Album – All the snapshots that everyone took on your wedding day that won’t go in the professional album your photographer provides. Memorabilia such as invitation, ribbons, napkins, gift cards, a pressed flower, etc. can also be professionally arranged in your wedding album to display and forever preserve memories of your very special day. Reception and Honeymoon pictures can be included in this album creating the “whole story” and a very special Keepsake you will always hold dear.

Wedding “GUEST” Album – An album which includes pictures of each guest with their hand-written well wishes, as well as their names as guests at your wedding. This is truly an adorable gift and a treasured Keepsake!!

Other Event Albums – The Adoption process, Nine Months of pregnancy, Career, Business, Professional, Military Service, Retirement, Teachers, Coaches, Heritage, Vintage and anything else worth remembering!!

When you choose the “theme” for your album, dig up some or all of your corresponding pictures and contact us at to arrange a free consultation.

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