Donelle A. Moore

Hi…I hope you are enjoying a relaxing visit at Grandmommy & Me Custom Scrapbooks. We are a small family operated business, working intensely to bring unique products to you through the ease of the internet and in the comfort of your own home. Since I would like the opportunity to help you safely preserve YOUR most cherished memories and family heritage and/or supply you with all your scrapbooking needs, I thought you might like to know a little about me.

In case you haven’t guessed, yet, I’m “Grandmommy”. How did I get that name?? Well, I’m going to tell you… (…before I was even 40, my first granddaughter was born. Although I adored her, I wasn’t prepared to be a grandma, nana, or any other kind of grandmother!!! So, I considered, let’s be “Grandmommy” …. just maybe when out in public, people will think she is saying “Mommy”…Now I laugh about it, but at the time, it was really quite traumatic. I was never afraid of getting older, never had a problem with birthdays, even the “big” ones, but give me a break….Grandma before 40!!!! And how does this even remotely relate to Scrapbooking???

Well, I’m going to tell you…(I’ve been an avid camerabug since I received my first Kodak Brownie camera at age 10…I get it honestly from my Mom and I’ve passed the “gene” down to my sons and granddaughter!!! However, having a grandchild really transformed the “camerabug” in to a “photographer wanna-be”. I started taking pictures like a madwoman….I haven’t stopped yet!! I have some great snapshots, as well as many treasured photographs of my family. All family get-togethers, school functions, all vacations, hundreds of lighthouses I’ve visited and many sights along the way have all been lovingly photographed. I can’t even imagine how many scrapbooks I will have when all my photos are finally stored safely in albums. As of right now, I have 26 and 4 others I’m currently working on!! One is a copy of my Mom’s album, circa 1906; and already being involved in genealogy, it’s only natural for me to be adoring the creation and documentation of this Heritage album. Photographs are a gold mine…a priceless treasure of feelings and memoirs.

For me, scrapbooking started when I was a teenager. However, it wasn’t the current form of scrapbooking with archival quality, acid and lignin free, safe albums and supplies. I created my own “embellishments” cutting captions and quotes out of magazines and newspapers and my “charms” were those penny smashers at amusement parks and such. I pressed flowers between the pages, attaching anything I could manage to get taped or glued to a page (my stickers and die-cuts) and journaling was fancy “white” ink on black pages. Look at the scrapbooking paper and accessories industry now!!!

I was introduced to the current form of scrapbooking, by my treasured friend in Florida, while visiting lighthouses, friends and family about 4 years ago. She “dragged” me to a local scrapbook store and I was instantly, excitedly captivated. I’m not sure if it’s my personality or if I just choose passions that are comforting and inspiring, yet motivating and very addictive. But, sure enough, like visiting, researching the history of and photographing lighthouses, scrapbooking has become a fascinating obsession. I love constructing my own scrapbooks, page by page, and appreciate the opportunity to create pages for others. Please check out my section on “Custom Albums” for additional information. Let us showcase and preserve your memories by getting your pictures out of shoeboxes, drawers, under beds and out of magnetic albums, where they are definitely subject to decay and eventual destruction. We will create beautiful “custom” albums that will protect and safeguard your family treasures for future generations. I’m excited about sharing my enthusiasm for preserving your most precious moments, which is how I became interested in organizing my own business.

My goal is to eventually stop working at my “real” job and create scrapbooks for others and share techniques full-time. I love being part of a creative industry that, for “scrapbookers” of any age and any skill level, builds confidence and self-esteem. I think that’s a valid business in which to be involved!!!

By day, I’m currently a Legal Assistant/Office Manager for a small law firm in Baltimore City. I absolutely detest driving to and from the city every day…it has become a major challenge on a daily basis!!! I have 3 grown sons with lovely, exquisite families. My “roommate” is a wonderful guy, who fortunately likes lighthouses and traveling and is supporting my endeavor to retire early~~~he gave me my first kitten a year ago and she is my “baby” now with all her quirky cat-i-tudes and the subject of a lot of my pictures. I spend lots of time researching for my genealogy projects and I “found” 2 lovely half-sisters in my quest. That was really exciting!!! And I’ve been able to document my mom’s side of the family back to England in the 1600’s and my dad’s side back to Holland circa 1600. As John Steinbeck said, “How will our children know who they are if they don’t know where they came from?”

Be sure to come back and “visit” often, as I’m hoping to experience continued great clientele, who also become great contacts, connections, associates, AND friends. That happens in the Scrapbooking Industry!!

And now I’d like to introduce you to:

Brandy N. Moore

In any relationship it is important to know key information about one another. I would like to think I’m creating a “safe harbor” for your memories when creating your scrapbooks and that establishes a certain kind of relationship. So, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Brandy Moore. I am the “Me”, in Grandmommy & Me. I am 20 years young and I have been putting my creativity and artistic talents to good use for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was around four or five years old telling my Grandmommy that I was going to “drawl” her a picture. She would always correct me and state “there is no “L” in draw. For the longest time, I continued to tack it on the end. I’ve out grown that now, 15 years later. Even though my “drawlings” no longer clutter Grams refrigerator door, my creativity still thrives. Friends and family have framed my work and have my art hanging in their homes, which is a great compliment for me. I pour my heart and soul into my art and creative designing. I also enjoy creative writing, card making and photography. I take great pleasure in giving my “gifts of love” to family and friends, as well as compiling photos and memorabilia into scrapbooks for myself and others. My scrapbooks are my “life”!!! I am including pages from my own scrapbooks and pages done for others, so you will get a better “feel” for my creative talents.


I was born in Maryland and moved to Florida with my parents and brother several years ago. Missed the rest of my “family” and family holidays, birthdays, etc. Now I’m back up “north” experiencing the first frigid winter in a long time. Brrrrr…..but it’s kinda’ cool (no pun intended) having a winter coat, scarf and gloves. Now I miss my Mom, Dad and brother!!

I always find time to use my creativity, which is where I would like to be of assistance to you. Send me your photos (I will make a CD for you for safe-keeping). The stories and anecdotes you can relate to me by email or by phone and I will compile all of your precious memories into one beautiful keepsake that will be passed down for generations to come. If you have a need for a “special” card with “special” artwork and/or creative writing/poems, etc., please email me at . Creating especially for you would truly be an honor for me!!

Any questions, please email, Donelle

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